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CODA CEO comments on differences between EV markets in China and the US (Shanghai February 7) – CODA Automotive, a privately held company stationed in South California, has made impressive strides in the field of electric vehicles. While CODA primarily uses American-made auto parts, such as engines, engine control units and transmissions, it has signed an agreement with Changan’s Hafei Automobile to manufacture and assemble some parts. On the floor of last month’s North American International Auto Show in Detroit, the Guangzhou Daily held an interview with CODA Holdings CEO Philip F. Murtaugh, who previously held the role of chairman of General Motors China.

Guangzhou Daily: “How is the development of electric vehicles in the Chinese market different from the US market?”

Mr. Murtaugh (pictured): “Due to the relatively good fundamental infrastructure in the US, electric charging posts can be installed in parking garages, whereas in China charging equipment for electric vehicles requires government investment. In the short-term the American electric vehicle market will develop faster, but in the long-term the Chinese market possesses greater prospects and potential.”

Guangzhou Daily: “What is the energy density of the batteries CODA currently supplies?”

Mr. Murtaugh: “I’m very sorry, but I don’t have that exact information at the moment. We use lithium iron phosphate batteries. In terms of energy density they may not be the highest, but they are the most stable. There may be stronger batteries, but they are not nearly as stable. Automobiles are products that require very high safety standards be met. Furthermore, we have spent a lot of effort in researching and developing an advanced battery management system that will help extract even more energy from the battery pack. We also have a temperature control system that can ensure that the battery pack is in the most optimal environment. With these two systems acting together, we can improve the battery’s output while ensuring safety.”

Guangzhou Daily: “Currently safety in electric vehicles is a hot topic. Why have there been so many cases of electric vehicles from different brands self-combusting?”

Mr. Murtaugh: “The US has done a lot of work in ensuring electric vehicle safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has already released several rules regarding electric vehicles. Of course, there are a lot of rules that still need to be perfected.


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