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China: Volkswagen plans to start electric cars production in China in 2014: Source

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14 Feb, 2012, 10.32AM IST, The writer has posted comments on this articleReuters

Volkswagen plans to start electric cars production in China in 2014: Source

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BEIJING: Volkswagen AG’s two joint ventures in China plan to start making electric cars in 2014 and to ramp up to mass production by 2018, its China chief said on Tuesday.

Initial EV output at Shanghai Volkswagen and FAW Volkswagen was estimated at a few thousand vehicles, rising to 100,000 by 2018, the president and chief executive of Volkswagen’s China operations, Karl-Thomas Neumann, told an EU-China business convention in Beijing.

E-vehicles have so far been limited by cost batteries, and a lack of economies of scale and models considered appealing to car buyers, but Neumann said they were needed to reduce China’s pollution and reliance on oil.

“I am convinced e-vehicles will be a success in China because I think it is desperately needed,” he told the convention


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