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China: Teijin Launches Fluorine-based Lithium-ion Battery Separators

Tokyo, Feb 07, 2012 (JCN via COMTEX) — Teijin Ltd has developed a highly innovative separator for lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries using a fluorine-based coating, enabling the company to achieve superior heat resistance and adhesion, and thereby improving the output and safety of laminated-type Li-ion batteries for tablets and smartphones.

Manufactured under Teijin’s Lielsort, the new separator is coated with Teijinconex meta-aramid and achieves improved capacity and energy density as well as enhanced safety and lifespan for liquid-electrolyte cylindrical Li-ion batteries used in including PCs as well as electric vehicles (EVs).

Lielsort, in addition to improving output by about 20% compared to conventional Li-ion batteries, also can be combined with a high-potential positive electrode to extend the battery’s lifespan by several times longer than batteries with current separators in the market.

Teijin utilized its expertise in polymeric chemistry to develop the technology for simultaneously coating both sides of the separator, as well as a high-speed coating technology that is five times faster than conventional coating. These technologies enable company to achieve more efficient production.

To support full-scale commercialization, Teijin has established a separator manufacturing company Teijin CNF Korea Co. Ltd in Asan, South Korea. Teijin CNF Korea, a joint venture with film processor CNF, will begin production in June.

Teijin also established a wholly owned subsidiary – Teijin Electronics Korea Co. Ltd – to sell both separators. The Seoul-based company began operating in January. This production and sales network, which has close connections to South Korean companies, also will provide Teijin with a secure foothold for penetrating the Chinese market.



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