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Today marks one year since bought its long-term 2011 Nissan Leaf. We’ve racked up just over 7,000 miles, which is below average for a normal car but appropriate for a battery-electric model with a limited range intended for commuting and short trips.

Owning the Leaf has been uneventful to the point of mundaneness. Having avoided any mammal-induced drama like our Chevy Volt’s rodent attack and collision, the Leaf’s tenure has been marked by just three service appointments: two for software updates and one to repair a faulty Carwings cellular system. (We’ll report on the Leaf’s and Volt’s maintenance histories and costs in a future post.)

After a year of sharing the Leaf, our editors have some likes and dislikes — but mostly likes.

We like its quick acceleration and nimble feel. Never having to stop at a gas station just doesn’t get old. Unlike the Volt, the Leaf has a three-passenger backseat. Though filling this seat is rare, the lack of a center console is more accommodating for child-safety seats.

While we don’t object to the drive motor’s high-pitched whine, as some owners do, the Leaf allows a lot of ambient noise to penetrate the cabin, definitely more than the Volt does.

But we have one major complaint, and it’s an old one: The car doesn’t reliably predict its range. As we reported, the first software update seemed to improve the computer’s accuracy as intended, but even so it averaged merely 86%accuracy over the ensuing month. Its best performance during the test period was 100%, and the worst was 49%.

Our second software update, conducted last week, wasn’t specifically intended to address the trip computer’s accuracy. However, the Random Range Generator, as we call the dashboard readout, seems to have changed its behavior a bit. Rather than dropping disproportionately after just a few miles of driving, in some recent trips it has increased instead. We’ll keep an eye on its accuracy in the coming weeks.


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