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USA: Trikke, Fun Three Wheeled Electric Vehicle

Trikke is a company that produces personal mobility products for “active riding”. Its products are somewhat similar to Segway’s products. The company itself became well-known a decade ago, after being featured on the cover of TIME magazine. In the last decade, it has innovated the Sikki, meant for riding on snow and the Tribred, an electric powered version.

Trikke’s vehicles can be used as a green, sustainable means of transportation, especially over relatively short distances within the neighbourhood. They can also be used for fun.

Three models are available. All three have a lightweight but robust foldable frame made of aircraft grade aluminium. All have fully adjustable handlebars and dual disc brakes with parking locks.

The lowest-end model, the 36V Lite, is priced at $1300. It weighs 37 pounds. It is powered by a 36V-4.5Ah Panasonic lithium-ion quick-swap battery that can be fully charged in 2.5 hours. You get a top speed of 21 Kmph and a range of 16 Km. It uses fitness tyres (10” front and 8.5” rear).


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