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USA: The State of Electric Vehicles in 2012

Electric vehicles have certainly slid from their peak of prominence at the 2010 NAIAS, but they hold a place in the overall automotive fleet that will only continue to grow. Whether or not they are going to replace the internal combustion engine is a separate debate that I don’t propose to weigh in on here.

As I noted in my first article about this year’s Detroit Auto Show, some kind of hybrid or EV seems to be a part of having a complete line for all the major car makers. More Priuses from Toyota, the VW E-Bugster concept, Ford’s C-Max and hybrid and EV Fusion models, and other examples all add to the fleet of electric vehicles available.

In addition to the big manufacturers, there were three companies dedicated to electric drive vehicles that were on the main floor this year: Tesla, Coda, and VIA (more about these forthcoming). AMP Motors also had two vehicles on the lower level Ride & Drive track, and is exhibiting in the Concourse during the Public Show period.

While many small companies had a main floor presence with the ‘Electric Avenue’ that was part of the 2010 show, those three companies were there with freestanding displays, rather than just being part of a specialty side show. (By my count there are 37 nameplates on the main floor, so, by that measure, EVs are approaching 10 percent of the brands showing at NAIAS; it doesn’t mean anywhere near that number of EVs are in the global fleet, but I think it does indicate that they are a growing presence in the market.)



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