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USA: Tesla to Launch Electric SUV

People at the green end of the spectrum tend to roll their eyes at the very mention of the word SUV. Some have even alleged that the term stands for “supersized unconscionable vehicle.” Others have wondered if rising fuel prices will lead to the demise of their nemesis. It would be nice to think that as people’s awareness and concern about the impact of their behavior on the environment grew, that they might switch to smaller more fuel-efficient vehicles. That’s probably not going to happen fast enough to really make a difference. The fact is, SUVs are fun to drive and people feel safe in them (whether they actually are or not). The good news is that at least the vehicles are getting more efficient.

That trend took another big leap forward with the announcement that Tesla Motors is going to unveil a new all-electric SUV on February 9th. The new Model X SUV is the third model developed by the California company following the Roadster and the Model S. Based on its predecessors, the Model X will surely be a high end, high performance machine, out of the price range of most consumers (the Model S starts at $49,900). But they are still important because they have set the standard for others to follow.


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