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USA: Tesla – the new American car maker

Tesla is, according to CNET News, the new American car maker that will start producing models at a manufacturing plant in California. The new factory will be located at the former NUMMI assembly plant in Fremont, California, which had been jointly owned by GM and Toyota.

The creation of a new car manufacturer in America is a rare event these days as there aren’t many producers in California except for General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Tesla Motors has been present on the American market for some time with electric cars. The new manufacturing base will help contribute to the popularity of the company and will increase its sales percentage.

According to Tesla representatives, the factory will receive raw materials that will later on, take the shape of a Model S, for instance. Most Tesla cars today are produced in Menlo Park and Hethel, U.K, but the production line will soon be moved to California. Further changes will be enacted once the factory is open.

Given that the tooling of the factory is not yet complete, the production numbers will be rather small this year. According to the estimates of the company, there will be only 5,000 cars produced in 2012. Next year, however, the production will ramp up to 20,000 units.

Tesla Motors is full of surprises; the company has further communicated that the headquarters of the factory will be located in one of the most unusual places for a car manufacturer, that is, Palo Alto, California. Silicon Valley is known as the district of the biggest IT corporations; therefore, Tesla’s decision to place the factory within this area surprises analysts.


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