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USA: Prepping your home for an electric car

After years of promises, 2012 might finally prove to be the year of the electric car. With offerings from Nissan, Chevrolet already available, and more models hitting the market later this year, the promise of a zero-emission vehicle is becoming a reality. But before you rush off to buy one of these green machines, know that plugging in an electric car isn’t necessarily as simple as plugging in a toaster. In order to make the most of an electric car, you’re going to need to make a few changes to your home.

It’s All Comes Down to Voltage

Electric cars might save you money at the pump, but they sure don’t save you time filling up. A typical electric car, like Nissan’s LEAF, takes upwards of 20 hours to recharge a fully drained battery when using an standard 120-volt outlet. While this might not be a problem for those looking to buy a second car for occasional outings, it certainly won’t cut it if an electric car is meant to be your primary vehicle.



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