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USA: North Shore to get recharging stations for electric powered cars

An electric car sits outside of the TVA building on Broad Street at the charging station.
Photo by Jenna Walker /Chattanooga Times Free Press.

A canopy of solar panels will be erected over part of the parking lot on the North Shore this spring to help power recharging stations for electric-powered cars parked near Coolidge Park.

The Smart Modal Area Recharge Terminal, or SMART station, will be capable of recharging up to six Chevrolet Volt, Nissan Leaf or other electric-powered vehicles at one time. The test facility also will be able to make electricity from sunlight, store the power and then put electricity back on the power grid when needed.

“We want to be more green and visible in our community so we think this will be great to have on our parking lot,” said George Quick, producing director for the Chattanooga Theatre Centre, which owns the 200-space parking lot east of Coolidge Park. “Initially, there may not be a big demand for all of our recharging stations, but that could change over time.”


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