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USA: Nissan Donates EV Quick Chargers

Nissan’s battle to expand the electric car’s market continues. Soon to be installed in major parts of Atlanta are two donated and newly developed DC quick chargers. Introduced in November 2011, the systems were researched and built by Nissan and have been most prominent in Japan. When they become fully operational, the Georgia city will be one of the first places in the U.S. to get the chargers. With 480 volts on tap, the compact system can bring a zero emissions LEAF from a depleted state to up to 80 percent full in less than 30 minutes. That time is drastically reduced compared to fastest standard recharge time of about 3.5 hours and the systems will work with other electric vehicles.

“Atlanta has been leading the way in preparing for the growing number of electric vehicles on the road,” said Jon Brancheau, vice president of marketing for Nissan Americas. “We appreciate the city’s efforts and know these chargers will be put to good use charging the Nissan LEAF and helping to reduce CO2 emissions.” Two major community improvement districts will get the quick chargers; downtown and midtown Atlanta. There is a decent chance that they will be operational by the time the Nissan LEAF Drive Electric Tour hits the Georgia city. After that, the fast acting chargers plus the Georgia exclusive $5,000 tax credit should make the zero emissions Nissan even more attractive. “This day marks yet another milestone for electric vehicle readiness, and our great relationship with Nissan. We are thrilled at Nissan’s support and leadership and look forward to significant growth for EV technology in 2012,” said Denise Quarles, the City of Atlanta’s director of sustainability.



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