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USA: Next Week’s Vote on California’s Clean Car Standards: What it Means for the State

At a time when consumers and businesses are being held hostage to oil rising to over $100 a barrel, our oil dependency is once again threatening our economic recovery. It would seem like we have little control in all of this as we are impacted by threats by Iran to disrupt oil shipments, by Nigerian strikes, and by the growing appetite for oil in Asia. Well, think again.

Next week, California will be changing this equation in a dramatic way, by:

1. Cutting carbon pollution and oil consumption nearly in half. As part of the National Agreement between the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the State of California and 13 automakers, the California Air Resources Board will be taking the next steps in its part of the agreement by proposing carbon pollution standards that will halve harmful emissions from new cars and trucks sold in 2025 versus today. The National Agreement will also cut gasoline consumption from new vehicles in 2025 by nearly half.

Yes, that’s right. What this means for us is half the carbon pollution and half the gasoline used from new cars and trucks sold in 2025 versus today’s new vehicle. That’s half the amount of money we’re shelling out on gasoline. Half the amount of money we’re sending overseas to import oil versus our new vehicle’s today. Score one for the economy.


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