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USA: New mantra at GE: Charge it

Matt Nielsen , principal scientist EV research , at GE Global Research at the five electric car charging stations in Niskayuna,NY Wednesday, Jan.18, 2012. The electric vehicles pictured are the Chevy Volt and Nissan LEAF.( Michael P. Farrell/Times Union)
NISKAYUNA — Researchers at General Electric Co. have some new toys to play with after five electric vehicle charging stations were installed at the company’s global research headquarters in Niskayuna.

Scientists are being given the keys to two electric cars — a Nissan LEAF and a Chevy Volt — as part of an in-depth study about how electric cars interact with the electric grid as well as with homes and office buildings.

The program is part of a research agreement that GE signed with Nissan back in September to work on accelerating the adoption of electric cars. Nissan is loaning the LEAF to GE Global Research as part of the deal.

Right now, Matt Nielsen, a principal scientist on the project for GE, is driving the LEAF back and forth between his home in Glenville and the research center. A 100 percent electric car, the LEAF has no emissions.



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