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USA: National Highway Transportation Safety Administration confirms safety of Chevy Volt and other electric vehicles

We, here at Evatran, have been closely following the NHTSA’s investigation into the safety of the Chevrolet Volt’s battery pack since the first reports of a fire incident were released back in 2011. Like GM, the manufacturer of the vehicle, we have been confident in its safety since we’ve been driving the vehicles for over a year now, but were concerned with the possible implications for our customers. As with any news story, it seems that the allegation received far more coverage than the resolution. So we wanted to make sure we did our part to get the release of the NHTSA’s stamp of approval out to our followers.

On Friday, the NHTSA cleared the Volt by doing something highly unusual for the organization…

“The NHTSA issued a statement essentially saying, ‘case closed.’ Typically, when the NHTSA closes an investigation, there is no public statement. Not this time. This time, the NHTSA issued a very public release, explaining it closed the Volt case, finding no safety defect. Then the federal government went a step further. In its release, the NHTSA said the Chevy Volt and other electric vehicles pose no greater risk of catching on fire than gasoline-powered cars. It was a very public and strong statement about the safety of electric vehicles.” Read more from CNBC here
You can also read the full statement from the NHTSA here

Although the opening of this investigation led to national news coverage and a slew of online press stories, it seems the “case closed” statement is not reaching the same audience. We are encouraged that Chevrolet Volt sales, along with Nissan Leaf sales, continue to increase each month they are available. Some interesting sales statistics can be found here showing that sales of electric vehicles continue to increase despite this (now closed) NHTSA case. You will also find that in their first year of availability both the Nissan Leaf and the Chevrolet Volt (individually) outsold the Toyota Prius in its first year of availability here. The Volt and Leaf each sold between 7,500 and 9,000 vehicles in 2011, almost double that of 2000 sales of the Toyota Prius (~5,000). This bodes very well for the continued adoption of the electric vehicle, as does the information found here, showing that Nissan has officially hit its goal of selling 10,000 Leafs in the United States (less than 20 days after its target date of December 31, 2011).
With the NHTSA case closed, with a vote of confidence in electric vehicle safety, and with the promising 2011 EV sales figures, we believe the electric vehicle market is going to have an exciting 2012. We will keep our followers posted as additional information and figures are released.
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–The Evatran Team–


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