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USA: MyFord Mobile App Aims to Electrify EV Owners

At CES, Ford demonstrated for Discovery News a beta version of the MyFord Mobile app it hopes will energize and empower Focus Electric drivers, by making ownership easier and more fun. Set to coincide with the official Focus Electric release, the app will launch for Android, Blackberry and iOS smart phones, as well as feature phones with WAP 2.0-supported browsers and any device (including desktop and laptop computers) with a browser that supports HTML 5.

When both the car owner’s chosen device and Focus Electric’s embedded cellular module each have connectivity, MyFord Mobile will offer a wealth of information and options. Of course, the app will help locate charging stations and remotely monitor and control the vehicle’s charge levels. But it’ll go way beyond that as well.

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Microsoft technology will save Ford customers money by automatically charging at the lowest available rates offered by their utility company. Folks will be able to take advantage of the fact that their Focus Electric is plugged in to remotely heat up or cool off the car (saving a drain on the battery by avoiding those electric-intensive events). And powered by MapQuest, Focus Electric drivers will be able to smartly plan multiple-stop trips — and know whether they already have enough charge for that expected range or need to find a station to power up along the way.



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