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USA: How far do we drive and can EVs satisfy our needs?

The main barrier to electrification of the car industry is the electric car’s limited range. The fear of getting stranded on the side of the road with an empty battery, first observed in General Motor’s EV1 project is named: ‘Range Anxiety’. The purpose of this study is to characterize driving behavior of the United States population (on a National and State level) and to give an overview of what percentage of trips can be covered with a fully charged electric car. Also, this study has successfully identified factors that influence driven distances, such as the effect of urbanity. Besides that, we study in more depth the energy consumption of electric cars depending on driving conditions. The second research goal is to provide future research on grid integration of electric cars with a temporal outline of when electric cars will be connected to the electricity grid (data accessible below). The data source used is the National Household Travel Survey of 2009.

Over the next couple of pages, results are presented in histograms and cumulative distribution function graphs as shown here:



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