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USA: House Bill Proposes Repeal of Plug-In Vehicle Tax Credit

arlier this month when U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly’s office was asked how he would accomplish his proposal to end the plug-in vehicle tax credit, his press secretary answered merely that he is “keeping his legislative options open.”

Well, as things have turned out, the Republican congressman’s legislative option now has a name – H.R. 3768. The Dec. 30 bill proposes elimination of the $7,500 tax credit for buyers of all plug-in vehicles.

“This is not to say I don’t support the development of electric cars,” Kelly said in a December Op-Ed for USA Today. “I do, but not at taxpayer expense.”

If you have previously noted the congressman – also a reportedly disgruntled GM dealer from Pennsylvania, north of Pittsburgh – you might have read he fired one of his employees at his Chevy dealership for consenting to bring in a Volt. Since then his dealership dropped out of the Volt program it had initially been a part of, and he is effectively trying to remove Volt sales incentives from every other Chevy dealer in the country as well.

Evidence of this has come from his using the Volt as a negative example in speaking before his congressional peers, and seeking other mainstream media avenues to present his strong views.

Kelly has been an ardent critic of some of GM’s initiatives, particularly after he was nearly forced to close his family’s Cadillac dealership during GM’s bankruptcy restructuring.

His bill, as reported yesterday by The Hill, is an answer to what he says is “lack of mainstream demand” for the Volt and other electric cars.

“The misuse of taxpayer dollars to promote the electric vehicle is emblematic of the Obama ad ministration’s overall misunderstanding, and ultimate manipulation, of the free market principles that undergird our economy,” he said. “President Obama has become the ‘Venture Capitalist in Chief,’ gambling hard-earned taxpayer dollars in green projects and industries that are more politically than performance driven.”


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