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USA: First Public EV Charging Station Installed In Downtown St. Louis

ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – “We are looking at the future!”

It’s hard to argue with Amos Harris when you see the brand new device that was just installed near the Edward Jones Dome — once you realize it’s not an air dispenser for your car’s tires.

It’s a brand new electric vehicle (EV) charging station, and it’s the first one open to the public downtown.

“There are some charging stations…Ameren has one for Ameren folks,” points out Amos Harris, President of Spinnaker St. Louis, developer of the Mercantile Exchange (MX) district, which had the unit installed.

It’s primarily for residents of the Laurel Apartments at 7th and Lucas, he says, but also open to the public.

“A big piece of what the Laurel is all about is sustainable living, green lifestyle,” Harris explains. “We’re putting in a solar roof, it’s a LEED-certified building. It’s one of the very few LEED-certified residential buildings in the region.”



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