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USA: Fast-Charging Adds Appeal To Electric Cars—Especially In Portland

If you plan to get a Nissan Leaf or Mitsubishi i (or already have one), and you live in Portland, Oregon, consider yourself fortunate.
The same goes for a handful of places including San Francisco, Los Angeles, and certain corridors in Tennessee, Arizona, and Texas—as well as, perhaps, the Chicago and Detroit areas.

Why? Because all of these places have at least one DC fast charger reported as currently in operation. Portland has been one of the front runners with respect to DC fast chargers; the city currently has three—all publicly accessible and free.

And if you don’t already know, DC fast charging (all under the CHAdeMO standard so far) allows you to charge most electric cars up to about 80 percent capacity within 25 minutes—which can add a lot of flexibility to EV ownership.

One of those Portland chargers—the one most recently installed, and the one we visited for the pictures here—was created by San Francisco-based ECOtality, as part of The EV Project, a $230 million public-private initiative (with $114.8 million of U.S. DOE funds) that the company manages, with the goal of installing more than 14,000 EV charging stations over three years.

ECOtality currently has 15 of its Blink DC fast chargers up and running, including one of those in Portland, two in Arizona, and the remainder in Tennessee. All but one are publicly accessible. And there another 19 in the permitting process, but likely operational within the next two to three months.


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