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USA: Electric Car Converters Remain Vital Part of EV Future

ong ignored by large automakers, electric cars used to strictly be the domain of an EV cottage industry. Many people thought small electric car makers and converters were doomed now that large car companies like Nissan have moved into the electric car segment, but the metropolitan area of Hamburg (among others) may prove them wrong. The Nissan LEAF is not yet available in Germany, but the electric Renault Kangoo is, and there are already 15 of them driving in the Northern city. Some electric Smarts are also there. But the big uncovered news is that just a few days ago, 16 electric Fiat 500s joined the growing number of EVs driving around Hamburg. I bet you didn’t know that an electric Fiat 500 is being made. That’s probably because Fiat isn’t making them.

Unveiling the fleet of electric Fiat 500 in Hamburg

I’ll try to explain. You may remember the Fiat 500 electric concept from last year’s Detroit auto show, but it didn’t show up again this year. Many people are convinced that a small, cute, electric 500 would be a great city car. Well, everybody but Fiat. And that’s fine, because Fiat’s refusal to go electric keeps the door open for outside companies to convert them to electric. It’s possible to buy an electric Fiat 500 in Germany, in Switzerland or in Italy.


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