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USA: CODA joins electric car fraternity, debuts in San Diego dealership

, the Los Angeles-based electric car company founded in 2009, has announced neighboring San Diego as the location of its debut dealership location and with public availability of the long-awaited sedan set for February.

CODA’s first vehicle, the CODA, is a four-door, five passenger offering featuring a battery pack that will deliver a range of 150 miles per charge, according to the manufactuer. CODA.

Coda sedan interior

The word CODA is a musical term that denotes the concluding passage of a piece of music, from the Italian word coda (tail). CODA Automotive reportedly chose the name because its electric vehicle technology represents an end for combustion engine vehicles and the start of the electric vehicle era.

The Coda sedan, priced at $39,900, was named “Best Green Vehicle” at the recent 2011 San Diego Auto Show.

Coda has signed agreements with dealerships in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle and Honolulu.


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