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USA: Charging stations installed for electric cars

Over the winter break, the ACC Sustainability department installed electric vehicle charging (EVC) stations on campuses and locations housing college administrative offices in Austin and Round Rock. The charging stations are available for use by students and the public, and are part of the Green Car Parking program.

ACC’s Austin campuses are part of Austin Energy’s Plug-In EVerywhere Network. The Round Rock stations are part of the ChargePoint America program. Electric Car owners will purchase the electricity from the charging stations via tappable credit cards, at the rate of $2 per hour. Once the credit card is accepted, the station will release the charging port to plug into the car.

Austin Energy has predicted that one out of every ten cars in central Texas roads will be a plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) by 2020.

PEV spaces, spots reserved for electric vehicles or ACC’s Green car parking carry a four-hour time limit. An ACC parking permit is required for Green car parking, but is not required for electric car owners, allowing the general public electric car owners to use these spaces to charge their vehicles.

The charging stations and their installation were largely funded by federal grants and Austin Energy rebates for the ACC sites.


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