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USA: Bus Board Approves Charging Station For Electric Vehicles

The Sunset Empire Transit Center will be the first site in Astoria to get an electric vehicle charging station added to its parking lot.

After several discussions – most in executive session – the board of directors approved the 15-year lease agreement Thursday with Aero Vironment, Inc., a company from California trying to stay a step ahead of the curve for the pending electric car trend.

Not all were in favor of the agreement, however.

“I’m not against a charging station, but there are other places that I think it would be better off and I don’t see this as the best place,” said board member Carol Gearin. “I don’t think that this is the best spot. I don’t think it’s a good business deal; we have no out on this lease and we’re committing ourselves to 15 years and for that alone, I would say it’s not a good business deal.”

Gearin provided the board with a two-page typed list of reasons for her concern.The list included questions like who will police the parking lot? And if a car is damaged, who holds the liability?

She said she feared staff would be bothered constantly by people charging their cars, who came into the transit center for questions about restaurants and shopping recommendations.

“While it may not be a big thing now, it could become a big thing,” she said.


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