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USA: BlueGreen Alliance – actions wanted

Fuel Efficiency Standards Will Save Money, Create Good Jobs

Proposed fuel efficiency standards, requiring cars and light-duty trucks to get an average of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025, will save consumers money at the pump, create and preserve American jobs, reduce pollution, reduce our reliance on foreign oil, and ensure that America is competitive in a global 21st century economy. Take a minute today and send a letter to the editor of your local newspaper expressing your support for these critical job-creating fuel efficiency standards.

Send a Letter to the Editor Supporting Green, Modern Schools

Modernizing and greening our schools will not just provide a safe and healthy learning environment for students, but also will save taxpayer’s money, reduce unnecessary energy and water waste, and create good jobs in the construction and metal fabrication industries, and in industries that create energy and water efficient products and components. We need support at the local, state and federal level to make our schools safer, healthier, and greener. Write a letter to your local newspaper about the benefits of modernizing and renovating America’s public schools with a focus on energy efficiency.

Pass the American Jobs Act

The American Jobs Act will make critical investments in infrastructure and modernizing and renovating public schools. Take a minute today to send a letter to your member of Congress to tell him or her to support the American Jobs Act.

Support Transportation Investments to Create Good Jobs and Make America More Competitive

Our nation’s lack of investment in transportation threatens America’s economy and competitiveness. As both chambers of Congress move forward on reauthorizing the surface transportation bill, the BlueGreen Alliance emphasizes the need to act and fully fund transportation investments. Transportation infrastructure forms the backbone of our economy, and moving people and goods more efficiently creates and sustains millions of jobs.

Donate Now

Your support will help the BlueGreen Alliance continue this critical work creating good, green jobs in the United States. Please take a moment to make a contribution now.

Join Us

Become part of the growing number of Americans working to make every jobs a good, green jobs. Take a moment today to join the effort to move our nation toward a clean, renewable energy economy that creates good jobs and protects the environment for future generations.


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