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USA: 2012: This time it really will be the year of the electric car

New plug-in hybrid models, battery leasing and more charge points mean the UK is primed for an EV explosion, says Will Nichols

By Will Nichols

09 Jan 2012

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It’s time to hold up our hands: electric cars just didn’t live up to the hype during 2011. The much-trumpeted Year of the Electric Car was pushed out of the picture like a Tesla Roadster in a suspect Top Gear trial.

With just a few models available and a charging infrastructure still yet to get off the ground, sales were understandably slow for models that were significantly more expensive than their petrol equivalents.


Japan extends tax breaks for green cars through to 2015

Better Place drives into China’s electric car market

Even government grants of £5,000 for those purchasing electric vehicles (EVs) failed to sweeten the deal. Only 1,052 claims were made during 2011, and critics will point out makes little progress towards reaching the 1.7m electric cars the Committee on Climate Change says we need to see on UK roads by 2020.

So there’s no denying that, much like my New Year’s Day, EVs got off to a shaky start. But, also like that hazy Sunday, the outlook for low carbon cars is improving by the minute.


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