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Japan: Bailey material panel unnecessary, low cost that generates power with sunlight

Mitsubishi chemical holding company launches the new-style bailey material that generates power with sunlight by the end of 2013.

Exposure to the sun is able to use as the wall such as a good apartment house, unlike the panel style that a/the comfortable place is limited to roof etc. Momentum is likely to attach to the diffusion of renewable energy. If ultrahigh building uses it on the wall it is said to be obtained a large sunlight power station (mega solar) common power generation ability even 1, about 2 ridges.

It is thinner lighter than a/the solar cell the present panel style with, the organic solar cell that uses the semiconductor of the organic matter that I make from petroleum etc., instead of the silicon semiconductor that at present is used, that I developed it newly. It has reached the standard where even the efficiency that transforms the energy of light into electric power is able to commercialize, with about 11%. General panel styles (14~15% transformation efficiency) of 6 which at present power generation ability is used with about 80 watts, to every 1 square meter~about 70% of power generation are produced

The organic solar cell is easy even the production from the present solar cell that uses the foundation of heavy glass and the production cost says that it can also press down it to about 1/10 panel style.

(On January 2, 2012 at 08:57 the Daily Yomiuri)
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