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India/UK: India buys more of the UK electric vehicle industry

They have a saying in India that the British Empire is coming back – only the headquarters will be in New Delhi this time. Tata Group of India bought Corus – formerly British Steel. Tata Steel Europe is now developing a revolutionary technology to use solar electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen for fuel cells.

Subsidiary Tata Motors, the largest motor company in India, bought Jaguar Land Rover for a mere one billion dollars from Ford which was making a distress sale in the last recession to avoid entering Chapter 11 like GM and Chrysler, companies that imploded due to spectacular mis-management and short termism.

Tata Motors then saw its Jaguar Land Rover make that billion dollars in profit the following year, so it was the deal of the century. Tata Motors does the very opposite of the worst Anglo-US approach to industry that saw the husking out and collapse of automotive companies such as British Leyland. Like Toyota, it invests in a host of next generation automotive technologies, such as Bladon Jets’ micro- turbine range extenders in the UK for the planned Jaguar electric supercar and many fuel cell technologies suitable for vehicles. Bladon jets presents at Electric Vehicles Land, Sea, Air 2012 in San Jose March 27-28.


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