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How to Make the Nissan LEAF Insanely Great

he Nissan LEAF is a great car. It’s probably the best car we have ever owned. Getting accustomed to the range issues has been a small challenge, but a fun one. For example, I’ve learned that taking surface streets instead of the highway really saves “fuel.” And whenever possible, I avoid hills.

Based on my driving experience, and out of love for this car, I wanted to share some thoughts on how to make the LEAF insanely great. Maybe you can add your thoughts to this wish list.

Navigation for “Least Energy”: When planning a trip, the navigation system should take into account not only the distance, and the legal speed limits along the route as well as the terrain.

The power usage of the Leaf is subject to hills and speed. There have been many instances when we should have a lot left “in the tank” but did not due to the fact that many streets and freeways are not level. For example, it is about 20 miles from West Hills to Studio City in the Los Angeles area. The freeway portion is about 15 miles. Going there, the terrain is mostly on a downgrade, and uses about 20 miles of “juice” at the legal speed limits on both streets and freeway. Going back, which is mostly on an upgrade, not steep hills, eats up about 40 miles of “juice.”


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