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Europe: New Smart Fortwo goes electric

This diminutive vehicle allows drivers to break away from the illogical roller-coaster of gasoline prices

By Alan McPhee, The Daily News January 12, 2012

There’s no question that driving an electric vehicle in a busy urban setting – in this case, Victoria – forces you to think about your transportation priorities in an entirely different way.

While electrics can’t compete with conventional gasoline powered or hybrid vehicles in terms of size, performance or range, you can make a powerful argument that in any two-car family, that second car could well be a Smart Fortwo ED (Electric Drive). Let’s face it, most people working in the city, drive less than 50 kilometres a day, to and from work. If you add a couple of side trips for shopping you’d still be well within the Smart Fortwo ED’s 140-kilometre range. Each night you would simply plug it in to your home electricity source and be ready to go next day. Just imagine what it would be like, not being subject to the wholly illogical roller-coaster ride of gasoline prices. And no more oil changes or tune-ups. That’s worth almost any compromise.

The more we drove around Victoria, the more logical it became. First of all, this is a two-seater that’s three feet shorter than a billiard table (and about the same width), so you quickly realize you have a size advantage in tight traffic . . . much less sheet metal to worry about. With its silky smooth gearless acceleration (it uses a CVT-Continuously Variable Transmission), short (1867 mm/74.0 in) wheelbase and quick steering, the Smart Fortwo ED is nimble as a Jack Russell terrier chasing a Frisbee. Parking spaces you’d have to bypass in a compact or even a subcompact sedan, now welcome you with open arms This is actually fun.


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