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Europe: Chevrolet Cruze station wagon to be launched in Geneva

Chevrolet Cruze will get the Station Wagon version at the 2012 Geneva Motor Show, as the North American based automaker recently announced.

Even if the Chevy Cruze SW has been announced to make its debut in Geneva this year, the automaker didn’t provide any official image with the model. Initial rumors were saying that the Chevrolet Cruze will be getting a coupe this year, but it seems that General Motors prefers station wagons, for both the Cruze and the newly launched Caddy ATS. The new Cruze model will also get new engines, which will offer improved fuel consumption than the current ones but it will be inferior to the Volt.

“The Volt electric vehicle will always be supported by an internal combustion engine. The Plug-in hybrid version of the Cruze won’t make the Volt unwanted. Cruze hybrid will have a different powertrain. Plug-in hybrids are using both the internal combustion engine, as well as the electric motor to move. The Cruze plug-in hybrid has a place into the lineup”, said the GM official Jim Federico.


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