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Europe: BMW partners with Tendril on electric car project

BOULDER – German auto giant BMW will partner with Boulder-based clean energy startup Tendril Networks Inc. to develop a demonstration “smart energy home,” the companies announced Tuesday.

The demonstration home, to be built in Mountain View, California, will give BMW the opportunity to test how well its electric vehicles and charging stations can integrate with such a home.

BMW will use the energy management software developed by Tendril to connect its future electric vehicles to a home charging station. The software also will be able to provide data to users, the automaker and utilities, the companies said in a joint press release.

BMW is preparing to roll out its ActiveE electric vehicle. Tendril will help BMW develop a cloud-based software platform that will make connecting and charging the vehicle as simple as possible, said Dirk Rossberg, a BMW Group Technology Office USA executive.

Tendril Connect will link the vehicle and its home charging station. The company also will provide information to local utilities, energy service providers and BMW, the release said. Tendril Energize, an online software application with a home energy management web portal, will monitor the charging station.


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