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Coda Automotive’s excellent electric car value proposition

Start-up company Coda Automotive has developed a good looking electric car, that offers excellent value compared to the other electric cars in the $39k price range.

Granted that the $39k base price for the Coda Automotive all electric sedan is well above typical gasoline powered sedans. At this juncture the prospective electric car owner must purchase their car based on other values in addition to purchase price. Such as the value of being able to drive by gasoline stations with joy knowing you never have to go into one ever again. In any case the more one looks at the price of the Coda versus the price for other electric cars, it dawns that Coda is offering their car at an excellent price point relative to other electric cars.

The value Coda offers is a combination of price, range, charging speed, and basic features that stand out from other mid-priced electric cars.


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