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China: Over 8000 New Energy Cars Sold in 2011

The Chinese market is often seen as the potential back yard of any major push for EV and other new energy vehicle sales, however until recently the market has been unbelievably small with very low adoption rates. Initial owner cost has been one the more obvious reasons for Chinese consumers to shy away from taking up ownership of an EV or even a hybrid vehicle, in the case of pure EV’s such as the BYD E6 which is priced at 240,000rmb after subsidies are applied, potential owners could buy a cheaper Ford Focus for 150,000rmb and have a spare 90,000rmb to put towards running costs for five years or more, presuming the price of fuel increases at its current rate.

2011 seems to have been a bright year for new energy vehicles, a term that the government applies to hybrids and pure electric vehicles. According to statistics released by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) the Chinese market saw sales of 8,159 vehicles whilst production was slightly higher at 8,368 units.

China produced 5,655 EV vehicles in 2011 whilst only 2713 hybrids made it down the production line, on the sales front 5579 EV’s were sold and hybrids sold 2580 units. 61% of new energy vehicles sold were actual passenger vehicles whilst 28% were buses or coaches with a further 1% being classified as ‘other’ which usually indicates a mixture of light commercial vehicles.



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