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Can you get paid for old LEAF batteries?

Batteries recycled to store energy for the grid
Outside of range anxiety, most consumers’ biggest concern with electric cars is battery replacement costs. It’s a worry Nissan thinks it’s got handled.

Remember how we told you about people in Japan using their Nissan LEAF’s battery to store power for their home?

Electric power company ABB remembers, and they’re working with Nissan on researching whether they could buy your old LEAF batteries for just that purpose, reports CNET.

ABB announced January 18 they’ll be working with Nissan’s 4R Energy joint-venture (that’s “4R” for “reuse, refabricate, resell, recycle”) on developing a stationary lithium-ion battery system capable of storing 50 kilowatt hours of energy, enough to supply about 15 homes for two hours.

They’ve already been working with Chevrolet on recycling the Volt’s batteries for the same purpose.


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