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BASF building better cars through chemistry

When the North American International Auto Show kicks off this week, a 4,500 square-foot exhibit by BASF, in room D2-15, will showcase products like all plastic wheels, plastics so heat resistant they can be used in engine parts and other wonders of their surprisingly effective application of chemistry to the production of better, lighter cars.

As we mentioned yesterday, much of the technological progress of the last quarter-century went into making up for the increasing curb weight of the average vehicle. Some of the remarkable products BASF has developed are on the cutting edge of taking that weight away again.

We orking closely with designers, engineers, collision repair centers and OEM manufacturers, BASF applies its innovative product ideas to develop lighter, safer and more energy-efficient cars. In alignment with the company’s We Create Chemistry slogan, they focus on sustainable development in the future of mobility and energy efficiency.

“The North American International Auto Show provides BASF with a great opportunity to showcase our innovations that will help automakers differentiate their vehicles and at the same time make the vehicles more sustainable and energy-efficient,” said Beate Ehle, president, Market and Business Development, BASF North America.


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