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Why electric cars are cheaper to drive than gasoline cars

Many look to electric cars not for ecological reasons, but because of greater efficiency, they’re cheaper to drive.

Among the benefits of electric cars is cheaper fuel costs, that is the cost per mile for fuel to run the vehicle. A couple weeks ago Consumer Reports released a report comparing gasoline and electric cars, showing electric car fuel cost was a fraction of gasoline car fuel cost. A recently released video from an electric car fan, Peder Norby (below), claimed his electric car (a leased Mini-E) costs 30 cents per gallon equivalent in fuel costs, giving us an excuse to go over the figures.

Consider that companies around the country with delivery truck fleets are buying electric trucks. This isn’t even primarily for for ecological reasons, but because electric trucks cost less to operate than do equivalent diesel trucks. Fleet owners know to the penny what it costs to operate their truck fleet, and know that switching to fuel efficient or electric trucks saves money helping their business bottom line. The key is lower fuel and maintenance costs, adding up to a lower cost of ownership, so long as the electric trucks’ range fits delivery route distances


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