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USA: Volkswagen to show electric car at Detroit show

Volkswagen is planning to unveil an electric car at the Detroit auto show next month, as the German automaker moves to establish itself among the environmental crowd that automakers see as growing in importance.

The electric isn’t based on any current production car. It is what VW calls “pure concept” and it might not go into production. It’s expected to have some VW Beetle-esque styling cues to give it a friendly, familiar feel, but isn’t an electric Beetle.

VW previously has exhibited an electric small car called E-Up! as a concept car, beginning at the Frankfurt show in 2009. The Detroit show car is a different vehicle, but VW wouldn’t discuss the Detroit electric, so it’s unclear how it will differ from E-Up!

Nissan’s Leaf and Mitsubishi’s i are the only pure battery-power electric cars Volkswagen E-Up! concept, first shown in Frankfurt in 2009. The VW electric concept planned for the Detroit auto show next month is expected to be a different vehicle.
CAPTIONBy Volkswagensold by mainstream automakers in the U.S. Others say they might sell electrics eventually to meet ever-tightening government fuel-economy standards.


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