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USA: Plugin America – Looking into the Future

We talk a lot about the past. We conjure up images of the EV1 being crushed, we show snapshots of our members standing in the rain demanding answers from CARB and GM, we remind each other what it was like in that dark time when the first generation EVs were gone and no new ones were being made. It’s important for us to be able to look back on the struggle and see how far we’ve come but… for the first time in over a decade, we’re able to look to the future– not just with hope but with confidence.

Our sense of confidence doesn’t come from knowing the battle is over; it isn’t. Some automakers in the best position to make the cars inexpensive are barely dipping their toes in the water with small, high-cost, limited-production vehicles; the government is looking at doing away with “unfair” EV subsidies despite much older and larger subsidies for petroleum; infrastructure projects and standards are way behind schedule and some seem better suited for corporate interests rather than those of EV drivers. We’re confident because we know we have you on our side. Make your year-end gift today and make sure we’re right.
2012 will be the most important year we’ve ever seen. The cars are on the road, they’re at the dealerships, they’re in garages and if they don’t do well this year, they might not be here the next. Can’t you just see an auto industry executive shrugging their shoulders at a press conference with a ‘hey, we tried’ speech as the assembly lines come to a halt. We need to make sure that next year ends with more cars being built, not less.
Over the next twelve months Plug In America is going to put more pressure than ever on the auto industry.
We’re going to make sure they’re setting these cars up for success with appropriate pricing, reasonable advertising, and community partnerships.
We’re going to make sure EV drivers aren’t just protected by the government; they’re encouraged by the government. Plug In America got you that tax break when you bought your car and we’re going to continue to be the strongest advocates for EV drivers.
We’re going to keep EVs in the HOV lanes as we to carve out our place as the most environmentally sound drivers in America.
We’re going to continue holding the industry accountable. We know who has gotten government funding for infrastructure projects and we aren’t afraid to stand up to them and keep them honest.
And we can’t do any of this without you. None of it. All of our leverage comes from having a base that is smart and steadfast, not just members on an email list but members that believe in this work enough to donate to it. That is the long and short of how these battles are won. That is the difference between having the industry and the government listening to us instead of shrugging us off. Make sure they keep listening—make your year-end donation today.

We’ve had a great year but we need to have an even better 2012. This is the time. The momentum is building and the pressure is on. We’re not going to let up, we hope you don’t either.
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