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USA: Plug In America Membership Renewal Reminder

Thank you for your ongoing membership and support of Plug In America. It is because of you that we had one of our most successful year advancing electric cars and ensuring their future is secure. Thank you!

Your membership enabled us to accomplish so much this year. Here are some highlights:

We were the key sponsor in getting AB209 passed, a bill that requires condo boards to allow EVSE.
We drove extremely hard for the passage of legislation that ensured EVs right to use HOV lanes, .
Millions of people viewed our Public Service Announcements, featured on Hulu since January.
We hosted the first National Plug In Day in 29 cities across the country.

We’re proud of what we’ve been able to do and we know we couldn’t have done it without your membership.

This coming year we’ll host the second National Plug In Day which we expect will happen in even more cities across the country, we’re working with state and federal legislators more than ever to increase EV-buyer incentives and fight unfair and biased legislation that will hurt our movement. We’re in constant conversation with the automakers; we know that if we stop pressuring them, they’ll stop making our cars. We have a lot of work to do this coming year and just like the past year, we can’t do it without you.

Please renew your membership today. We need to get right to work and we can’t do it without our members. We know you count on us to make sure EVs get on (and stay on!) the road. Today, we’re counting on you.

My very best,

PS: Our 2012 annual guide comes out in January and members get a free downloadable copy as soon as it’s available. Make sure you have an active membership for January.

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