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USA: Plug-in America – Join our stakeholders’ call & save the EV tax credit!

Earlier this week we told you that in a few short days three of our key federal electric vehicle tax credits will expire: incentives for consumers and businesses, affordable two and three-wheeled EVs, and those for plug-in conversions. The good news is we’re making progress with the legislators. The bad news is we only have two days left.

When you donate $200 today, we’ll invite you to join a last-minute private stakeholders’ call with Legislative Director, Jay Friedland. Jay will give an in-depth update about the expiring tax credits and how things are looking on the hill. He’ll talk about the consequences if we don’t win and what our next move will be, and then he’ll take your questions.

Plug In America has worked hard to reach both sides of the aisle. We’ve had bipartisan support for nearly every policy issue we’ve worked to pass in DC, including the production tax credit for electricity (wind/solar) and the 30% investment tax credit for manufacturing EV equipment. Our advocates are working tirelessly until the last day of this year to make sure EVs continue to be included in the tax credit extensions. You can help make their work a little easier by donating today.

We’re up against an end-of-year deadline. A generous Plug In America member, along with two Plug In America board members, has offered to match all gifts, up to $2,500, made before the year is out. So, when you contribute today, your donation will be doubled, your impact will be doubled, and our efforts in DC fighting for EVs will be doubled. If you’re going to donate to Plug In America, please donate now.

Your backing helped us win these tax credits in the first place. And your continued support will help us keep them.

From the front lines,

Dan Davids


As soon as you contribute $200 (or more!) you’ll receive an email with the details of the exclusive stakeholder call and, as always, if you donate before the end of the year we’ll make sure you have everything you need to include your gift on this year’s taxes.


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