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USA: Future green tech: Lithium air batteries to end range anxiety

Problems with current EVs

As an alternative to conventional vehicles, electric vehicles are the much talked about transport medium these days. Given their ability to cause less pollution and their eco friendly tag, electric vehicles are a viable option for transport in coming years. However, everything is not as easy as it seems. EVs are quite promising in nature but these green vehicles have their flip sides, too. In recent years, a number of surveys have been done to judge the popularity of electric vehicles. While there are people who would love to buy these eco vehicles, but there are also a bunch of people who are of the opinion that when it comes to comparing EVs with conventional vehicles, they seem to favor the traditional gasoline based vehicles. Why so? Well, the answer is quite transparent. EVs don’t match up the fastness of conventional vehicles and also there is a lack of facilities to charge them. Perhaps, the most important factor is cost. These vehicles fall posh on pockets too. So, not many people can afford them.


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