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USA: Ford Plugs Focus Electric in SD Stop of Fuel-Efficiency Road Trip

There are about 25 million cars registered in California, and probably about 2 million of those are motoring around the roads of San Diego County. So it was statistically insignificant when I stepped out of the San Diego Automotive Museum today and counted at least six all-electric vehicles bathed in Southern California sunshine at the Pan American Plaza of Balboa Park.

It still seemed like a wondrous moment—think of your grandfather watching his first biplane. And the numbers are slowly improving, so perhaps some day, you too will see one of these zero-emission, gasoline-free autos with your own eyes.

Nissan began selling its all-electric Leaf in San Diego almost exactly a year ago. There were a couple of those in the parking lot. Last month, Texas-based Car2Go introduced 300 electric versions of the smart micro car in San Diego—and there were several of those in the lot too.

Now the Ford Motor Co. is coming to town with its new 2012 Focus Electric—a standard Focus body and frame that has been refitted with a lithium-ion battery pack and all-electric drive. Ford bills the Focus Electric as the first five-passenger electric vehicle (which is true if one of your passengers is a dog) that is expected to achieve a 100 miles per gallon equivalent (MPGe) fuel-efficiency rating.


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