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USA: DOE Awards Funds For Smart EV Charging Research

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded nearly $7 million in research and development funding that will help to reduce the current costs of electric-vehicle (EV) chargers by 50% over the next three years.

With support from the DOE, manufacturers in California, New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania will work to improve the development and design of charging equipment. The research will promote smart charging capabilities that can help ensure EVs enhance, rather than strain, existing electrical grid capacity, according to the DOE.

Two of the four selected projects will focus on improving EV chargers that attach to consumers’ homes and are used by the owners to charge their vehicles while they are at home. The other two selected projects will focus on chargers used at commercial and public locations to charge large numbers of vehicles, including commercial fleets of delivery vehicles.

These research and development investments will leverage additional investments from the industry grantees. Final award amounts are subject to negotiation.

Delta Products Corp. will use the funds to streamline the development of residential EV chargers that rely on low-cost secure wireless networks that can connect the chargers directly to electric utilities. The project will work to minimize the cost of communications between the charger and the electric utility, as well as to meet the local demand for smart charging.

Siemens Corporate Research plans to redesign its current EV supply equipment system and charging stations esidential areas to enable flexible, intelligent control of charging so that power quality and service reliability are maintained on the local distribution grid.

General Electric Global Research will work to improve the design and infrastructure of commercial chargers for fleets of electric vehicles operated by companies, including FedEx.

Eaton Corp. will develop and demonstrate commercial EV chargers that can work with and support the smart grid, including providing two-way communications with utilities and coordinating with a community’s smart meter network


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