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USA: December e-News from Plug In America

We didn’t want 2011 to end without sharing a few thoughts in retrospect, and also letting you know about a free webinar coming up in January. But first, I want to thank everyone who has made a year-end donation to Plug In America. If EVs run on electrons, nonprofits run on money. That and copious amounts of volunteer effort. And, like an EV, Plug In America is a very efficient vehicle. We hypermile every dollar on your behalf. So, if you haven’t yet made your tax-deductible contribution, there’s still time to do so here.

By nearly all accounts, 2011 was a watershed for plug-in vehicles. Over the course of the past year, some 15,000 Chevy Volts and Nissan Leafs were delivered onto U.S. roads. This amounts to three times the number of EVs fathered under the CA Zero Emission Vehicle program between 1997 and 2003. History will show 2011 as the start, in earnest, of the third wave of electric vehicles, the one we will surf for many decades to come.

It has also become clear to us at Plug In America that the EV movement has caught fire across our entire country. Over 80 percent of our online sales of books, signs, and memberships now comes from outside California. We’re regularly contacted by municipalities in some very cold places that aren’t launch markets wanting to know how to best prepare for the impending arrival of plug-ins. It’s apparent that people everywhere want EVs. This signal rises strong above all the media noise over battery fires, inadequate charging infrastructure, and other “non-troversies.”

Switching gears, you’ve probably noticed our new tag line: “We Drive Electric. You Can Too.” Until today, we really couldn’t have asserted the second part. We like our new slogan because it lets people know at once that while there is no advocacy organization with more EV experience than Plug In America, we aren’t an exclusive club – we want everyone to join the party. And they can. Today! With the additions of the Mitsubishi i, Electric Ford Focus, CODA, and Tesla Model S, people will have a wide range of models to choose from in 2012. Life is good.

At Plug In America, we’ve got a lot planned for the coming year, as well. I’ll let you know about more of that in the January newsletter. Until then, enjoy the stories below and thank you again for your steadfast support. Let’s ride the EV wave together into 2012!

Dan Davids

Over the River and Through the Woods We Go—on Electricity—Thanks to Grandma…

Chad Hohn (left) and friend Stephen Johnsen (right)

Twenty-one-year-old Chad Hohn lives in Maple Valley, WA, where he works at the QFC grocery store. Chad’s interests, however, have less to do with groceries and more to do with robotics and electric vehicles.

“I am a technology nerd for sure,” says Chad. “I have been part of a robotics team since 2007. I wouldn’t know as much about EVs and efficiency as I do without Robotics Team Number 2046.”

When the father of a robotics team member asked Chad if he would like to work on a 200-mile range, electric Chevy S-10 pickup conversion, he jumped at the chance, and his EV interest sparked.

In the spring of 2011, Chad walked hopefully into a local Nissan dealership that just happened to be awaiting delivery of a red Leaf hatchback. “And then my Grandma Mildred loaned me exactly $7,500 for a down payment on the car,” Chad says. “I will repay her when I receive my $7,500 federal tax credit.”

“Driving the Leaf is like driving on air,” Chad enthuses. “I sometimes take grocery-store customers for rides and even let some people take it on errands so they don’t have to use gas.”

Chad has already amassed over 9,500 miles on the car since July. “That EV is superb! In fact, I love that Leaf almost as much as I appreciate my amazing Grandma!”

Plug In America Webinar: How to Answer Common Plug-In Questions
Have you ever been asked an EV question you couldn’t quite answer? Or to fully explain an answer you thought you had a handle on? Plug In America’s next webinar may be just the, well, answer.

“How to Answer Common Plug-In Questions” will be presented by Plug In America on Jan. 18 at 5 p.m. PST. The webinar will address:
•The kinds of people who ask questions
•Questions about vehicle features and uses
•Questions about concerns and issues
•How to win someone over to plug-in cars
•And more!

Plug In America board members Chad Schwitters and Tom Saxton will be our speakers. We recommend advance registration, here. Feel free to make a list of your favorite questions and invite any of your friends and associates to listen in.
Souce Plug-in America


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