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USA: Chrysler to Deliver Fleet of Plug-in Hybrid Ram Pickups to Detroit Energy Company

Chrysler will deliver 10 Ram 1500 PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) hybrid pickups to utilities company DTE Energy of Detroit for real-world testing. As part of a partnership with the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), the program hopes to evaluate driver usage, charging patterns, vehicle efficiency, and overall impact on the region’s electric grid.

The vehicles being given to DTE are part of a fleet of 140 Ram PHEV trucks, which are being distributed to energy companies in select regions of the U.S. for testing purposes. Over the next three years, these testers will supply useful data on the performance and practicality of plug-in hybrid trucks. Detroit was selected for its combination of suburban and rural roads, as well as for its ever-changing weather. These factors will help put the Ram PHEVs’ batteries to the test. Earlier this year, Chrysler delivered hybrid Ram models to the city of Yuma, Ariz. There, the trucks were submitted to the extreme temperatures of the desert southwest. Over the past six months, 16 different cities took delivery of more than 100 Ram PHEVs.

“The trucks will provide us with a glimpse of what kind of fuel savings can be afforded with PHEV technologies so we can, at some point, make our truck fleet more environmentally friendly,” said Trevor Lauer, vice president of marketing and renewables for DTE Energy. “We’ll be using the trucks at our service centers and in the field at our renewable energy facilities.”



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