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USA: California proposes rules to boost electric vehicles by 2025

David Shepardson/ Detroit News Washington Bureau

Washington —The California Air Resources Board proposed Wednesday new regulations to dramatically increase the number of electric vehicles on the Golden State’s roads by 2025.

By 2025, zero-emission or plug-in hybrid vehicles must account for one in seven new cars sold in California, under a proposal released Wednesday.

In 14 years, California says there will be 1.4 million EVs or plug-in hybrids on its roads. Of those, California says there will be 500,000 fuel-cell or pure electric vehicles on the roads.

California’s proposal would help speed the eventual end of the gasoline engine.

The Air Resources Board expects that nearly 100 percent of all cars sold in the Golden State will be zero-emission vehicles by 2040 under its rules.

As a result, by 2050, California predicts that 87 percent of vehicles on the roads will be hydrogen fuel cell or battery-electric vehicles.

California will require the construction of hydrogen fueling stations in order to help five automakers who say they plan to sell some fuel-cell models by 2015. Automakers have repeatedly pushed back plans to sell fuel-cell vehicles.


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