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USA: Blink DC Fast Charger

Blink DC Fast Chargers deliver the fastest EV charging rate currently available – capable of providing a full charge in fewer than 30 minutes.

The DC Fast Charger is perfect for high-traffic commercial locations, fleets installations, gas stations, and at locations along major transportation corridors. The Blink DC Fast Charger is classified as a DC (480 volt 3-Phase AC input) charging station.

With the Blink DC Fast Charger, EV owners can drive and charge anywhere, topping off as needed without time constraints.

Businesses are able to take advantage of the advertising opportunities available through the Blink Advertising Network. Each Blink DC Fast Charger is equipped with a stunning, daylight readable, 42″ color LCD display. Media content can be tailored to specific markets and broadcast nationally across Blink Network charger locations.

Additionally, the chargers provide retailers with the ability to develop coordinated campaigns with relevant content and promotions which extend their consumer experience.

ECOtality’s EV Micro-Climate™ process can help communities and organizations determine the best methods for installing EV infrastructure and placing Blink charging stations.

Smart and Powerful Features Include:
Mobile-phone based payment options, and credit card payments
Advertising revenue and messaging opportunities via the DC Fast Charger’s 42″ daylight readable, color LCD display and sound system available through the Blink Advertising Network
Convenient 10″ LCD touch screen display with intuitive and user-friendly interface for safe and easy charging
Easily programmable start/stop timing
Beacon light and window for increased visibility
Exterior treatment and graphics fully customizable for rebranding
Dual ports for increased user access and availability
Simplified 2-piece design; separate Grid Power Unit (GPU containing the power electronics) and charging station for ease of installation
The Blink DC Fast Charger is outfitted with a CHAdeMO compliant EV connector; the most widely used connector for fast-charge-capable electric vehicles worldwide

Long reach cable configuration
Safe, easy-to-use docking connector which prevents accidental disconnection and de-energizes when not in use or incorrectly connected
Safe in wet or dry use
Cable and connector can withstand being driven over by vehicle.
Certified energy and demand metering; supports electric utility EV building when certified to ANSI 12.20 and IEC standards
Web-based information delivery
Multiple modes of communications are supported, including Wireless IEEE 802.11g, cellular, LAN/Ethernet, and LAN capable Web-based bi-directional delivery and data flow


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