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USA: ar Panel Reliability: Winter Weather is No Match for SunPower ® Panels

A reliable solar power system is one that will meet performance expectations for 25 years or more, hassle free. Not all solar is created equal, and some PV panels will stand up better than others against difficult weather conditions such as high humidity, drastic temperature changes, snow and wind. SunPower’s Research and Development team works hard to ensure that SunPower solar panels are the most reliable in the market, delivering guaranteed performance.

The Most Rigorous Testing in the Solar Industry

SunPower panels use quality materials and are designed for life in the real world. They are tested above and beyond industry standards to stand up to all manner of environmental stresses. Lower quality panels may easily crack or become damaged when the weather turns nasty, reducing power output. But in side-by-side comparisons with competitors’ panels, SunPower high-efficiency solar panels continue to reliably perform despite degradation stresses.

Our rigorous panel tests include simulating conditions that are far more brutal than panels would normally endure on your rooftop. In one test, we repeatedly apply 880 pounds of weight to the panels, the equivalent of 90 mph hurricane-force winds, to guarantee long-term performance, no matter where you live.

What SunPower Customers Say About the Reliability of their SunPower Solar Panels

“2011 was our second winter with our SunPower solar PV installation. It was a tough winter… lots of snow that came and stayed. But I was never concerned about the snow loads on the panels. Our installer designed an array of panels that took into consideration both weather conditions and aesthetic appeal, and minimized any possible problems with snow accumulation. As a result, the heavy snow did not damage our SunPower solar panels at all; I am very satisfied with the way they stood up. Our system looks good, I expect it to last a long time, and I love selling electricity back to Northeast Utilities!”
Tom Brown
Danbury, CT

“When the sun comes up, the panels quickly shed the snow. Throughout the morning the snow melts and falls off of each panel; by lunchtime they’re producing at full capacity. We’ve never had any damage from the snow. In fact, the panels help protect our roof from damage, keeping it cool in the summer and dry in the winter.”
Matthew Grocoff 
Detroit, MI

Want to go solar, but worried about weather? Watch this video and see how we ensure that SunPower panels are the most reliable in all conditions
Source Sun Power


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