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USA: 100 MPGe from Ford’s 2012 Focus Electric

Ford is the leading car maker and it is one of the oldest car manufacturers in the World. Many innovations were brought by them and they are the leaders in this niche. The renowned Ford Company is known for its consistent updates which pack new innovations in four wheeler’s technology.

Ford is yet making another buzz with its latest model. But this time, the model is a five passenger electric car. Its name is Focus Electric and the present hype is surrounded around the 2012 version of this model. Ford is very happy to announce the specifications of this class leading performer.
According to them, 2012 Focus Electric is famous for its mileage. It can deliver a great mileage of 100 MPGe. It is the first time ever a car delivering 100 miles per gallon. Since it is electric version, the alternator is manufactured to consume low power while delivering good performance.

Electric vehicles are already known for their performance and environmental friendly nature. They can also deliver good mileage to satisfy the expectations of customers. On overall note, one can confidently say that these cars are quite economical. Addition to these benefits, electric cars are available for low rates too. Hence there is a substantial growth recorded in electric car market.


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