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UK: POD Point Takes UK Drivers Twice Around the World with 100,000 Milestone

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 25 December 2011
The Nissan Leaf may well have led the way in 2011 when it comes to EV cars, but 2012 is set to see many more EV models launched from all of the world’s major car manufacturers as the public become more and more comfortable with electric vehicles as an alternative to petrol and diesel fuelled cars.

POD Point, the next generation in electric vehicle charging, has seen rapid growth over the past two years; with a total of 260 street POD Points now installed across the UK. They are now ending the year on a high with a record announcement, over 100,000 miles of EV motoring, powered directly by their POD Points.

This figure is calculated using the total amount of power supplied to EVs through their charge points nationwide and equates to driving twice around the world!

“POD Point is a UK-based company with a highly experienced team who have worked within the automotive and technology sectors. We are passionate about moving the world away from a reliance on oil for its transport needs and see EV cars as a very real part of our future society,” explains Erik Fairbairn, CEO of POD Point.



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